Istanbul, Turkey

Partnering with Autoware Foundation to deliver the most advanced L4 automated transportation platform for full size commercial vehicle. Watch Video


Nanjing, China

Enabling OEMs and car manufacturers to go into production using Autoware-based AV stack by integrating Functional-Safety certified middleware spanning from EEA to the Edge Cloud.


AWF Autonomous Valet Parking

San Jose, US

The Autoware Foundation demonstrated Autoware.Auto V1.0 Autonomous Value Parking support


Federal Highway Administration (U.S. Department of Transportation)

McLean, US

The Federal Highway Administration’s CARMA℠ Program is leveraging Autoware to advance the research and development of cooperative driving automation (CDA). Watch Video



Philadelphia, US

F1TENTH Organization and Autoware Foundation are enabling university AD research, education and racing programs with Autoware based F1TENTH HW platforms


Indy Autonomous Challenge

Indianapolis, US

The Autoware Foundation is working with Clemson University to integrate Autoware with the reference Dallara AV-21 racecar


MIH Consortium

Taipei, Taiwan

Autoware Foundation is working with the MIH ecosystem to enable the Open EVKit with Autoware based AD solutions



Trollhättan Sweden

NEVS is conducting Autoware based MaaS trials on public roads in Sweden to prepare for the launch of their PONS mobility solution. Watch Video


Pix Moving

Guiyang, China

Using Autoware to enable more open source innovation and wider applications in technology through training programs that allow engineers to practice and test self-driving technology on the physical cars, learning both software and hardware comprehensively.



Tallinn, Estonia

TalTech iseAuto is offering the students and visitors regular public transport service in the campus area with an Autoware based AV shuttle


Tier IV

Central Tokyo, Japan

Tier IV completed its Autoware-based live testing of Robotaxi with passengers. Watch Video


Chikusei City, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan

Tier IV demonstrated Logiee logistics vehicles on public roads for food delivery between local farms and shops using Autoware. Watch Video


Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan

Eve autonomy provides an autonomous transportation service using Autoware to Yamaha Motor’s manufacturing plants. Watch Video


Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan

Tier IV provides last-mile mobility service using fully autonomous EV named Milee designed primarily for driving at low speeds within a park. Watch Video


Zing Robotics

Seattle, US

Autonomous baggage transfer PoC at Seattle Tacoma International Airport using Autoware.Auto