The first Autoware Official Meetup in Shenzhen, China

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

The first Autoware Official Meetup in China was held at Robosense Office in Shenzhen.

More than 20 foundation members from all over China joined the event.

The event started with Shinpei Kato’s presentation on the benefits of the new mobility technology and the capabilities that Autoware can bring to developers of autonomous driving projects. Shinpei told attendees that there are currently over 200 companies using the Autoware platform for R&D projects, and hopefully this will scale to business opportunities next year.

Shifting to updates, Tier IV is conducting validation tests in a chamber to simulate different weather conditions to confirm the performance of sensor capabilities. The company is also collaborating with an insurance company to provide a remote control service for autonomous driving cars when issues appear. And finally, the upcoming project for the 2020 Summer Olympics will be a big step for both Tier IV and Autoware to showcase their capabilities.


Dr. Andre Matz, Business Development for Europe, provided business updates to the members. Robosense has expanded locations worldwide to provide total mobility solutions: these include LiDAR, AI and perception algorithms. It has succeeded in raising an investment from Alibaba. Autospec MEMS LiDAR (M1) will be ready by the end of next year.


Cheng Chen, CTO, presented the Perception Computing Unit (PCU) product overview and capabilities. What makes this PCU unique is the automotive grade heterogeneous platform using multiple arm CPUs to run Autoware for embedded applications with fail-safe features.

[China Automotive Technology & Research Center Co., Ltd; CATARC]

CATARC is to support China Automotive industry by technology, data driven marketing, branding, security, standardization, etc. CATARC is organizing a World Intelligence Congress 2020 (April 2020) and inviting members to participate in this excellent opportunity to showcase Autoware capabilities.

[Hesai Technology]

The second biggest LiDAR manufacturer in the world, Hesai, has obtained $110M investment from Bosch. Hesai is hiring many talented engineers from top tier institutes and its business is growing worldwide. Many new products will be appearing in the next two years.

[Hong Kong Productivity Council; HKPC]

Autonomous driving with Autoware in APAS R&D Center supported by Hong Kong government to level up the technology for local companies, with help of StreetDrone to modify the vehicle to run Autoware platform. The first test was successfully done in a car park and followed by the test in a science park. There are future plans to carry out tests on public roads with Fleet Management System (FMS).

Shinpei was impressed by all the great updates and ideas for activities in China. The power of open source is to share ideas to expand the ecosystem. Hopefully we can expand the autonomous driving market with Autoware together. Reference design is also very important for Autoware the project to establish a healthy ecosystem within Autoware Foundation members.

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