The Autoware Foundation is recruiting a Project Manager

The Autoware Foundation is a non-profit organisation focused on the democratisation of autonomous vehicle technology. It is developing a fully open-source software stack for autonomous vehicles, known as Autoware.Auto. Autoware.Auto is currently capable of autonomously driving a vehicle through a car park and parking the car, and its capabilities are steadily growing.

Along with this growth in capability comes a growth in the size of the team developing Autoware.Auto and growth in the complexity of the project. The Autoware Foundation is now at the point where a dedicated Project Manager position is necessary to manage the future development of Autoware.Auto.


The successful person will :

  • Ensure smooth progress in the development, testing and demonstration of Autoware.Auto

  • Ensure achievement of technical milestones in accordance with the Autoware Foundation’s strategic plan and technology development roadmap

  • Contribute to developing the technical roadmap for Autoware.Auto in coordination with the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) and the Technical Steering Committee (TSC), providing necessary estimates and metrics to ensure a realistic roadmap

  • Monitor and measure project progress and potential delays, and keep Autoware Foundation members informed with a professional communication style

  • Liaise with the Board of Directors of the Autoware Foundation, the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC), and the Technical Steering Committee (TSC) as an important communication point

  • Assist development participants in answering questions about activities to be performed and tasks available

  • Grow a fundamental understanding of the challenges of developing complex software in an open-source environment with a team of volunteers


  • Bachelor’s degree in a technical or business discipline

  • Minimum of two years’ experience in project management

  • Experience in using project management tools, such as JIRA and Asana

  • Solid communications, stakeholder, and relationship management skills to connect different types of people and organizations

  • The ability to lead a diverse team distributed around the world

  • A willingness to attend online meetings outside of standard work hours


  • Experience in managing or contributing to open-source software

  • Experience with GitLab or GitHub, particularly their project management features

  • Experience with distributed source code version control systems, such as git or mercurial

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