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Kubernetes for Autoware

Following the previous work evaluating the performance of Cyclone DDS when using Kubernetes we have now gone one step further and use AutoCore's PCU to run 2 single-pod deployments using ROS2 Foxy:

  • One of them reads a rosbag2 data file which has been recorded using TierIV's new Autoware architecture (tag v0.5.0).

  • The other echoes the /sensing/imu/imu_data topic.

In addition to the above deployments we have used a laptop to get a nice visualization of the LIDAR data being published using Rviz2.

This initial setup opens up the possibility of distributing the different Autoware modules into different deployments that can be easily managed using Kubernetes and deployed in one or multiple nodes within the vehicle.

The full blog post and steps to reproduce can be found here.

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