FHWA is the first government organization to join The Autoware Foundation

The Autoware Foundation (AWF), the open alliance for autonomous driving technology, welcomed the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration as the first government entity to its community. FHWA has increased its engagement in the wider set of Autoware with its own open-source platform, CARMA(SM). This new membership sends a strong message to the Autoware ecosystem that there is a role from infrastructure owners and operators (IOOs) to support and enable automation. This is a unique advancement of Autoware, as open-source software given that autonomous driving cannot be delivered just by technology alone.

“Through this collaborative membership with FHWA in one of the world’s leading government sectors, we are confident that Autoware will step forward to the next stage being engaged with the CARMA Platform(SM),” said Shinpei Kato, Board of Directors of the Autoware Foundation. “Going forward, we will find the most practical way to the operational domain design and safety requirements for real-world applications of autonomous driving technology together.”

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