8 new members joined The Autoware Foundation!

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

The Autoware Foundation (AWF), the open alliance for autonomous driving technology, welcomed 8 companies in the past quarter from all over the world including Taiwan, Japan, India, Estonia and the US. Since the establishment of the AWF in December 2018, the AWF has made significant efforts to build a genuinely open alliance community for self-driving intelligent mobility for everyone. With our mission - initiate, grow, and fund Autoware projects - in mind, we will continue our exciting journey with 40 members.

The AWF welcomed 8 new members

Shinpei travels around the globe to meet Autoware lovers - from Silicon Valley to New Zealand to China

"We understand that the realization of a self-governed open-source community doesn’t happen overnight. With this in mind, we are proud to welcome the new members who will play a key role in shaping the future of autonomous driving technology with Autoware. The Autoware Foundation is committed to supporting close collaboration among members. Through a growing membership and their joint efforts, we will continue to advocate for the next generation of Autoware, leading functional safety capabilities and a more democratized open platform. " said Shinpei Kato, Board of Directors of the Autoware Foundation.

Member Quotes:

"We are pleased to join the Autoware Foundation. Axell is a leading Graphic LSI company with excellent proprietary technologies for entertainment applications. We have confidence that our keen LSI & IP development performance and high R & D capabilities will further expand the activities of the Autoware Foundation and its members."

--- Kazunori Matsuura, President & Representative Director, AXELL CORPORATION

"We are honored to be joining as an academic member of Autoware Foundation. Azumi laboratory has, for more than five years, been engaged in joint research with the originator of Autoware. We can contribute the software platform such as ROS/ROS2, and realtime systems. We hope to cooperate with the Autoware community and discuss the new era of intelligent mobility."

--- Takuya Azumi, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Saitama University

"ITD Lab is pleased to join the Technical Steering Committee of the Autoware Foundation. We have much to contribute to the AWF through ITD Lab’s Intelligent Stereo Camera. We, as a Premium Autoware Foundation member, are excited to share technical strategies and find opportunities for collaboration with other AWF members, and to prove that our Intelligent Stereo Camera is an indispensable device for autonomous driving system."

--- Takao Shigaki, CEO & President, ITD Lab Corporation

“We’re thrilled to join the Autoware Foundation. As an EDA software, hardware and IP vendor, we’re looking forward to collaborating with other AWF members and contributing to a prosperous future with autonomous driving.”

--- Toshifumi Kaneko, Corporate Vice President, Cadence Design Systems

"Achieving our common goal of landing self-driving cars with reciprocity in an open-source community, ITRI is proud to participate as a member of the Autoware Foundation to contribute for its advancement. ITRI aims for open and mass collaboration in research areas and technical services. We look forward to developing self-serving cars along with innovative companies and individuals."

--- Chieh-Chih (Bob) Wang, Chief Digital Officer of MMSL, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)

"Tata Consultancy Services ( TCS) is delighted to be a part of the Autoware Foundation. As the Automotive Industry is working towards development and deployment of vehicles with more autonomy, ensuring safety is of paramount importance. This partnership and the working groups, allows TCS to participate in, and influence the industry direction to deliver secure and safe autonomous vehicles in the near future."

--- Laksh Parthasarathy, Business Head, Autonomous and Connected Vehicles, Tata Consultancy Services

"We are excited to be a part of Autoware foundation and Autoware is an elegant platform for self-driving features estimation.Autoware cooperated with Quanta in-house vehicle retrofitting is good for evaluating Quanta hardware design performance and reliability.We expect to enhance our collaboration with Autoware."

--- Toshinari Yashima, Associate Vice President, Quanta Computer

"Autoware is a true leader in open-source autonomous driving software and TalTech is excited to join to Autoware Foundation. Thanks to Autoware our joint team were able to build a Level 4 AV shuttle ISEAUTO with one year - the achievement which would never be possible without Autoware. Our team, academic staff, and students are eager to contribute to Autoware and ROS2 development to make autonomous driving smarter and safer. The collaboration matters most and the open-source automotive solution is the best way to go."

--- Raivo Sell, Head of Autonomous Vehicles Lab, Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech)

Call for participation

We appreciate your participation to the Autoware Foundation. If you or your organization wants to support open-source software projects for autonomous driving technology, you are encouraged to contact us at auto@autoware.org. Your contribution is essential to put Autoware on a wide and solid foundation.

The Autoware Foundation plans to celebrate its 1st anniversary in Las Vegas during CES 2020. We will invite all Autoware lovers - members and non-members - to the dinner to discuss our future vision. To find more details, please visit https://autoware.org/.

Thanks for loving Autoware!

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