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If applying for an open position, provide cover letter in email and attach resume.

AWF Software Developers


  • Knowledge of and 2+ years experience with modern C++ (11 or higher, 14+ preferred)

  • Knowledge of and experience with ROS2

  • Experience using and working with Ubuntu or similar Linux distribution

  • Experience contributing to major open-source projects

  • Experience using git

What will make you stand out:

  • Hands-on experience with robotics or by-wire vehicle control systems

  • Hands-on experience with algorithms in the areas of sensor data processing, localization, platform control, or perception

  • Hands-on experience with Docker

  • Experience managing CI/CD pipelines

  • Experience managing open-source repositories

Primary roles and responsibilities:

  • Develop code for Autoware Foundation projects as directed by the Software Architect and the ASWG.

  • Fill gaps in software development not covered by community and FTE contributors including general development tasks which touch the entire Autoware.Auto codebase (e.g. documentation, system-wide changes, etc.).

  • Manage CI pipelines.

  • Be the first-point-of-contact to triage/manage/review issues and merge requests

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