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Tier IV Inc.

Tier IV Inc.

Pilot.Auto provides reference designs and implementations based on Autoware. According to customer’s ODD, Pilot.Auto selects the most appropriate hardware and software from our reference design to integrate them with the vehicles.

Web.Auto is a cloud DevOps platform & toolchain to develop autonomous driving technology and its service.

Value Proposition

We provide open access to autonomous driving technology such that everyone, from individuals to organizations, can participate in and contribute to a sustainable ecosystem of intelligent vehicles and autonomous driving technology for the benefit of society.

Technology Description

Tier IV’s reference implementations are known as Pilot.Auto and consist of the necessary hardware (i.e. compute platform, sensors) and software (OS, Middleware) to safely operate Autoware based autonomous vehicles in ODDs and use cases spanning Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR), Cargo/Logistics, Shuttle/Bus, and Passenger Vehicle/Taxi applications.

Starting from requirements which completely specify the autonomous vehicle and its operating environment, Pilot.Auto reference implementations are adapted to address these specific requirements. This includes any modifications or enhancements to the Autoware application software. Development and verification of these Pilot.Auto modifications and enhancements is made possible thru the DevOps/MLOps capabilities of the Web.Auto platform. An integrated framework of simulation tools, data storage, and CI/CD pipeline management enables developers to validate all aspects of the Autoware application software. Web.Auto also provides the necessary functionality to upload and manage data collected from the fleet of autonomous vehicles. In the case of any issues identified during fleet operation, the data is analyzed and used in the development and validation process of any fixes or enhancements to the Pilot.Auto based system.

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