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eSOL Co.,Ltd.

eSOL Co.,Ltd.

One sentence about the company’s primary offering Scalable and High-performance Real-Time OS "eMCOS".

Value Proposition

eMCOS is the world’s first commercial Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) which supports scalability from MCUs and single-core configurations to multi/many-core processors as well as multi-chip configurations. In addition to high performance and scalability, it also provides the real-time capabilities essential to critical embedded systems.

eSOL's RTOS products and development process have been certified by SGS-TÜV Saar GmbH, in compliance with Functional Safety standards for Automotive (ISO 26262 up to ASIL D), Industrial Equipment (IEC 61508 up to SIL 4) and Medical (IEC 62304).

Technology Description

eMCOS’s patented semi-priority-based scheduling algorithm ensures the fast real-time response expected from embedded systems, and simultaneously performs load-balancing to achieve the best system performance. In semi-priority-based scheduling, two types of schedulers operate concurrently. The first scheduler coordinates its local threads and uses the specified processor core exclusively for execution until processing is complete. Because processor core migration and execution interruptions do not occur, developers can calculate the time each thread takes to complete processing for ensuring real-time capabilities. The second scheduler distributes the load and executes groups of threads with low priority using the remaining processor time based on the relative throughput and priority of the threads.

eMCOS POSIX is a profile compliant with POSIX 1003.13 PSE 53, making multi-process programming possible. POSIX specifications at API settings are supported while keeping the scalability and real-time performance capabilities of eMCOS unchanged. Various libraries that use POSIX as an OS, such as ROS and AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform, can be easily added to the system.

eMCOS Hypervisor is implemented as an extension to the POSIX-compatible eMCOS POSIX RTOS. This means that real-time and safety-critical applications for eMCOS POSIX can be deployed next to Linux and Android guest OSes on the same hardware platform. This opens up a new dimension of scalability for eMCOS, providing users with greater scope for integrating related functions within a system while continuing to use their existing Linux- or Android-based platforms on eMCOS Hypervisor with minimal changes. Linux and Android guest-OSes provide the necessary POSIX-compliant API for an easy existing code reuse, as well as they support a large number of graphics display solutions and open communication protocols. The combination brings greater flexibility for implementing more advanced, open and diverse "mixed-criticality" systems.

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