Jan Becker (BoD, AWF)



Recap and achievements of the AWF  in the last year 

Daisuke Tanaka (Operation Chair, AWF)


Overview of the AWF technical work  

Josh Whitley (AWF Architect)

Q&A (5min)

 Invited Talks - moderated by Jan Becker 


ROS 2 - The Software Framework underneath Autoware.Auto 

Geoff Biggs (Open Robotics)

Q&A (5min)


Building Safe Complex Systems - lessons learned from SIL2LinuxMP

Nicholas Mc Guire, Carsten Emde (OSADL)

Q&A (5min)

 Autoware Technologies moderated by Sanjay Krishnan 


CARLA ScenarioRunner – Free Scenario Simulation and Analysis for the Development of AD Stacks

Fabian Oboril and Kay-Ulrich Scholl (Intel)


RSS in Autoware 

Fabian Oboril and Kay-Ulrich Scholl (Intel)

Q&A (5min)


Efficient and Scalable Safety Assessment of the Autoware Architecture Proposal 

Matthew O'Kelly (Trustworthy AI)

Q&A (5min)


Unified ML Inference in Autoware 

Liyou Zhou (arm)

Q&A (5min)


Autoware’s solution to motion planning: a practical overview

Stefano Longo and Sandro Merkli (embotech)

Q&A (5min)


Improving the Safety and Dependability of Open-source Autonomy  

Jeff Johnson (Mapless AI)

Q&A (5min)


 Break ​

​ Autoware.Auto, Autonomous Valet Parking,

and Applications moderated by Sanjay Krishnan 



Overview AVP project  

Josh Whitley (AWF Architect)

Q&A (5min)


3D Perception in Autoware.Auto  

Yunus Caliskan (Apex.AI)

Q&A (5min)


Control in Autoware.Auto  

Christopher Ho (Apex.AI)

Q&A (5min)


Autoware.AI, Autoware.Auto, Apex.OS running together in the Virtual Vehicle Research demonstrator

Markus Schratter, Michael Stradner, Daniel Watzenig (TU Graz)

Q&A (5min)

 Autoware Future Work and Outlook moderated by Sanjay Krishnan 



Sensing System Reference Design for Autoware

David Wong, Akihito Ohsato, Simon Thompson (Tier IV)

Q&A (5min)


Tier IV X: Research and Development to Improve Fundamental Autoware Technologies

Simon Thompson (Tier IV)

Q&A (5min)


Autoware at 200mph - How Indy Autonomous Challenge Speeds Open Source

Joe Speed (ADLINK), Josh Whitley (AWF)

Q&A (5min)

 Autoware in Education moderated by Sanjay Krishnan 


Education in Autonomous Driving Technologies using Autoware

Alex Carballo (Univ. Nagoya)

Q&A (5min)


 Panel moderated by Jeff Ota 

Panel Discussion

Jeff Ota, Shinpei Kato, Josh Whitley, Sanjay Krishnan,...


 Fin ​


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